SMPS Battery Charger – 48V, 20A

bc4820t - Copy

Model : BC4820T

No Parameter Specification
1 Input 230 VAC (±15%)
2 Frequency range 50 0r 60 Hz(±10%)
3 Power Consumption 1300W max
4 Battery voltage nominal 48V
5 Charging voltage Boost:56.4V

Float: 53V

6 Charge current max  (± 5%) 20A
7 Protections
7.1 Mains Under Voltage <180 V
7.2 Battery Over Voltage >30V
7.3 High temperature Charger being at too high temperature
7.4 Reverse Polarity Protection Against wrong connection of plus and minus battery terminals
7.5 Short Circuit Output short-circuit protection with auto restart
7.6 Fuse 3 fuses: Input mains, Battery output and Load output
8 Indicators
8.1 LED Mains ON, Charger ON, Boost, Battery over voltage, Over temperature. Output fuse blown, Rev polarity
8.2 Digital Display 3 1/2 digit LED display with selector switch to monitor: Battery Voltage, Battery current and Load output.
9 Audible alarm For battery reverse polarity warning
10 Controls Mains on/off switch, Charging current Adjust from 25% to 100%
11 Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
12 Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
13 Cooling Forced air cooling with automatic temperature controlled fan
14 Input Output Isolation > 100Mohm at 500VDC
15 Dielectric withstand input to output 1000VDC for 1 minute
16 Relative humidity 10 to 90% condense free
17 Protection level IP20
18 Dimensions 330mm Width X295mm Height X95mm Depth
19 Weight 5 Kgs
20 Enclosure Wall mounting corrosion proof aluminium enclosure with epoxy powder coating

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