IMT Power supply


IMT Power Supply Unit Model: CL-IMT-PSU-1V5

Sl Parameter Specifications
1 Input Voltage 230V AC  ±  10%, 50Hz OR 24V DC OR 48V DC with Auto changeover on loss and return of AC power.
2 Output Voltage +5V/9.5A






3 Output power 122W approx.
4 Load Regulation ± 1% for 5VDC

± 5% for all other outputs

5 Line Regulation ± 1% for 5VDC

± 5% for all other outputs

6 Ripple Noise 50mV p-p for 5V O/P

100mV p-p for other outputs

7 Over Voltage Protection For +5V O/P (range 110% to 120%)
8 Over voltage Protection for inputs Over voltage protection for AC and DC inputs shall be provided to shut down the unit in case of over voltage at any of the inputs. The unit shall resume proper operation when the input voltage falls to safe values.
9 Over load and short circuit protection For all outputs. The unit shall withstand short circuit on any of the outputs for 1 minute. The unit shall resume proper operation on removal of the short circuit.
10 Battery reversal protection The unit shall not be damaged on accidental connection of DC voltage of wrong polarity. (Reverse battery protection.)
11 Operating Temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
12 Storage Temperature JSS 55555 Class L1
13 Vibration and Shock As per JSS 55555 Class L1
14 Power Good Signal TTL Logic High
15 Indicators Two outputs to drive LED’s to indicate DC power present and AC power present.
16 EMI/EMC Specification As per JSG-0261/ MIL –STD-461C
17 Cooling Natural Convection/ By cold plate on the mounting surface.
18 Dimension Less than 150(W)×200(L)×60(H)mm
19 Mounting Back plate with six mounting holes or wedge lock.
20 Termination Input/ Output terminals as per customer requirement

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