Solar Street Light Controller

Model: CL-SSL-C- 01

Sl no Parameter Specification
1 Photovoltaic Panel Voltage 12V nominal,16-26V Open circuit voltage
2 Photovoltaic Panel power 50W max
3 Battery voltage 12V
4 Battery capacity recommended 40Ah- 75Ah
5 Charge regulation method Cut-off @13.8V, Reconnect @13.2V
6 Charging voltage Max 13.8V
7 Solar charging current 0-5A Continuous
8 Voltage drop during charging 0.25V @ 5 amps load
9 Indicators (LED) Light ON, Battery charging, Battery low
10 Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
11 Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
12 Cooling Natural air cooled
13 Relative humidity 10 to 90% condense free
14 Protection level IP20
15 Connectors Screw type for  input and output & Plug type for light
16 Mechanical Specifications
16.1 Dimensions 90X90X48mm
16.2 Weight 140 grams
16.3 Enclosure Plastic

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